Understand the bottlenecks in meeting the objectives of policy implementation.

  Design strategies for efficient policy implementation through convergence across departments.

  Understand the functions and process flow of systems and programs across government departments at district and block level.

  Fostering efficient process flow and project management for government process re-engineering.

  Under guidance and approval from the senior government officials and bureaucrats develop capabilities of the department personnel to bring changes in governance system.

  Support in designing prudent Monitoring and Evaluation System to facilitate accountable and transparent implementation of programs.

  Prepare reports on the policies and programs implemented by the departments.

  Network with other fellows to learn on how policies and programs are better implemented and how convergence is brought about to yield best results.

  Create a large number of Good Governance Champions in the departments across all levels – State, District and Block.

  Coordinate implementation of reforms and best practices through new processes.